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    2018 Papa Panda's Rising Riesling trocken

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    Some really important facts for wine enthusiast: Red table wine is not made from red tables. Dry Lambrusco pairs well with junk food. The proper way to hold a wineglass is to position it so that the wine goes into your mouth. Terroir is the taste of the territory. Yeast is necessary for the fermentation of grape juice into wine. So many organic compounds are in wine. Spice, strawberries, oak and tar. Can't taste them? Drink more!!

    PRODUKTART: Weißwein
    STIL: trocken
    LAND: Deutschland
    REGION: Mosel
    REBSORTE: Riesling
    JAHRGANG: 2018
    ALKOHOLGEHALT: 12,00 % Vol.
    BODENART: Schiefer
    RESTZUCKER g/L: 3,00 g/l
    GESAMTSÄURE g/L: nicht verfügbar
    ALLERGENE: Sulfite
    HERSTELLER: Jan-Philipp Bleeke, Kröv